Instagram rules our lives, whether we like it or not (get it? “like” it? hah!). If you have an Instagram, you’re on it 25/7. If you don’t have it, people around you still talk about it. If you have it and don’t use it, well, you’re still probably getting tagged in pictures.

We have to face the terrible truth though — all of our photos are looking pretty similar these days. Sure, you think your photos are¬†original, but as dancers in this huge but not so huge community, we all share common interests, and it’s inevitable that we have our own trends. As hot dog legs, pumpkin spice lattes, and pictures of bubble baths hashtagged “metime” trend for normal people, here are some Instatrends that you can find on a dancer’s feed.

*DISCLAIMER* You don’t need to exclusively be a dancer to find these on your feed, but under extensive scientific research of¬†me going on the explore page of Instagram, these are the results that have been gathered.

1. Audition/Workshop Flyers.

From promoting your own team, your friend’s team in the bay, your great aunt’s workshop, or your ex boyfriend’s project at Carnival, there’s always going to be room for that ONE¬†flyer.

2. The Name Tag.

We either know victims, or are victims ourselves to the name tag photo. It’s ok. It happens to the best of us.

3. Vegas.

Somehow, a¬†dancer¬†is in Vegas no matter what weekend it is. Your last picture may have been¬†of you, dead at work, but your next picture is going to be of you and your friends jammed in a hotel room, having pregamed a little too hard and struggling to fit into the selfie (gotta whip out the fish eye lens or the selfie stick). Dancers don’t even need to buy tables in Vegas, because everyone actually dances at the clubs #Drais #1Oak.

And even if you’re not of age, you somehow have a picture with a Fat Tuesday.

4. Disneyland.

About 32% of annual pass holders are dancers.
About 68% of daily Disneyland park-goers are (or have been) part of the dance community.
About 47% of those 68% park-goers got in for free because they “know someone.”
About 100% of these statistics were formulated in my head.

It’s a BONUS though if you get to see any of your CMO, Disney Parade, #MapMaker friends twerk it out!¬†

5. Selfie Stick / Fish Eye.

Honestly, the Olloclip and the selfie stick in general should sponsor every dancer. It fits everyone on the team for photos including, but not limited to:

  1. Spirit days at practices.
  2. KBBQ outings / boba runs after practice.
  3. Vegas / Bar hopping / The Do-Over / HARD Summer / EDC / #plurlyfe.
  4. Teaching a workshop and thanking people for coming via photo including everyone but not individually tagging cause that would be nuts. It’s not impossible though, because as Sage the Gemini once said, “Scroll¬†down, tag them all.”
  5. A selfie of you not¬†looking like a hobo because you didn’t have practice/the season ended, evoking comments like:

I’d double tap dat, if you know what I mean.
If your profile is public, I’d be down to explore… your page.
Are you the reason for the Direct Messaging? Cause DayuuuuM let me get IN that BOX.

(I just made all of those up right now, wow. BRB, getting a life.)

6. #TBT of That ONE Good Photo From That One Competition.

You know what I’m talking about. Usually, your ‘action’ shots don’t exist because the camera person¬†is taking pictures on stage right when you’re blocked stage left for the entire set, or there’s hair in your face, or you have a triple¬†chin/half shut eyes/awkward facial expression/all of the above. But you are finally graced with that ONE EXCELLENT ACTION SHOT from that one competition, and instead of immediately posting it as your new profile pic AND cover photo on Facebook and sending it to your mom/grandpa/great aunt/elementary school teacher, you keep that baby on file to whip out later for a #tbt.

I like your strategy, keep on doing what you’re doing.

7. Food.

626 Night Market, OC Fair, Anaheim Packing District, K Barbs, Boiling Crab, Guppy’s —

We eat. A lot. And we take great photos of our food like everyone on Instagram.

But not basic #foodporn pics, nah. As dancers, we also understand the aesthetics of Instagram, and we know that using any of the filters on Insta will not be beneficial for the likes, so we have to pull out the VSCO cam.

8. #TiltTuesday

We all know a technical dancer who has an amazing tilt. In fact, you probably didn’t even know what a tilt was until you met this friend. All I say to you tilters is to keep on tilting and don’t let nobody get in your way of tilting. As the ancient Romans said,

“Rome wasn’t tilt in a day… but if it were, it would have been a Tuesday.”


9. Raves / Music Festivals

It’s inevitable that our generation is definitely responsible for a large portion of festival ticket consumption, but it’s just a different feeling when you run into a dancer at a rave versus when you run into a friend from high school at a rave. Maybe it’s the #plur, maybe it’s the #coachillin vibes, I have no idea. All I know is that @steezysquad_ is asking the question in it’s caption that we’re all asking right now.

10. Long, Sentimental Post About the #FAM

Often accompanied by a team photo or perhaps an artsy, overhead shot of team gear, there’s always going to be a long post about how much he/she loves the team, the #family. This often happens after a long practice or after a last performance with the team or after banquet. #THEFEELS ARE SO REAL THOUGH.

There are so many things we couldn’t have listed on here as well, such as video clips from your workshop or performance, #freestylefridays, random photos in the parking lot/studio, and videos of you doing something else that isn’t dance related but you’re just as¬†good at (ie. singing, playing the piano, kendaminating a trick — why are dancers so talented).

The things we in the community post are equivalent to that of #nailart, #fitspiration/#gains, and the ice bucket challenge, SO KEEP CALM AND VALENCIA FILTER ON!


Know any dancer friends that do this? Go to @steezysquad_ on Instagram and call them out tag them now! 


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