You’re right in the middle of this choreo flow ‚Äď smooth, euphoric, moves just coming¬†to your body to¬†mesh together perfectly.. when all of a sudden..


Yeah, choreo block is such a buzzkill.

But even though we get stuck sometimes, there are things we can do to get unstuck. 

Creating choreography is a lot about problem solving.

How do I get from here to here? How can I highlight this sound in the music? How do I get my feet to move that fast?

It may seem daunting to run into these roadblocks, but “problems” are¬†actually opportunities for¬†creative solutions around it. These “solutions” make the piece even more unique and fun to watch.

In order to give you more direction, here’s¬†4 ideas that can help you break out of that lull and think of some sweet, sweet moves!

1. Listen To A Different Layer In The Music


There are so many different sounds in a song that you can choose to hit.

If you get stuck on the original pathway you were planning to follow, try highlighting a different layer in the music.

For example, forget the bass! What are the lyrics saying? How about the pitch? Pay attention to the less obvious sounds, or switch up from earphones to stereo to get a different take on the music.

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2. You Don’t Have Hit Every Single Beat!


If you’re one of those choreographers who assign¬†themselves the impossible (and unnecessary) task of hitting every single beat and sound in the music ‚Äď don’t!

A nonstop combo of moves is overwhelming for you, your students, and the audience.

Instead, choose the right sounds over the most sounds.

Be picky with the specific noise you want to follow. You can groove through the rest or just have a moment entirely in milking or absence of movement.

This’ll let the audience (and your body) absorb a crazy sequence before or after that chill phase.

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3. Think Of Moves As Concepts


“Default choreo” arises when you’re in a choreo rut, but have to finish a piece no matter what.

You revert to the easiest, most obvious pathways and methods of hitting a beat, because that’s what you’ve done and seen a million times before.

But if you want to create choreography that’s uniquely your own, don’t try and push out more default moves.

Instead, invent some based off of concepts.

The potential for concept-based choreography is limitless, because your thoughts and ideas are limitless. Just think of a word (or have someone give you one), and let that be your intention. You’ll never run out of movement this way.

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4. Take A Break

4 ways to never get choreo block

Sometimes… the flow needs to pick up on its own.

Instead of forcing it, take a break from your earphones and the mirror. Do something else that’ll refresh your mind and soul in a different way.

The brain is a muscle. And your soul gets tired too.

Pooping out moves for the sake of it is never going to create a pure product, so recharge yourself to be able to approach creativity in a pure and intentional way.

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Want more specific tips? STEEZY’s¬†Dancer Rant below goes into more depth on how to break out of your choreo block. Watch below!

Experienced choreographers may have different ways to get out of their blocks, but there’s one thing they definitely have in common ‚Äď a lot of classes under their belt.

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