You want to improve your dancing… but how can you do that when you have work, school, a social life, AND rehearsals to juggle?

Though it may be hard to work your schedule around taking classes, you can always work in some extra things in order to stay on top of your dance game.

Remember, consistency is key. Progress doesn’t come from doing something once in a while, it comes from doing something every day.

Here are a few things you can start practicing daily to improve your dancing ability!

1. Stretch every morning

One of the best ways to start your day is with a morning stretch!

Not sure where to start? Follow these 7 Stretches To Help You Dance Better.

Your routine doesn’t have to be incredibly long or intense, but the simple act of getting up and getting your body moving is a great way to jump start the day.

Stretching will help you improve your dancing by making you more flexible and increasing your range of motion. It will also reduce the risk of injuries like pulled muscles.

This video will show you how to (and how not to) stretch!

We have a quick and easy stretching routine you can follow on STEEZY Studio. Try it out now!

2. Practice muscle memory

‘Muscle memory’ is a motor skill acquired by repetition.

You can practice muscle memory in two ways:

  1. Practice a technique or skill, like popping techniques
  2. Practice choreography

For example, if you want to practice certain things like isolation or hitting, take breaks during work or studying to do some drills.

You can even train your muscle thoughout the day, like when you’re driving or getting ready.

Do these in your spare time: 7 Exercises To Boost Your Popping Fundamentals

Or for a more structured practice regimen, try Boogie Frantick’s beginner Popping program.

Build a pool of moves so when the time comes, your body will be ready to execute them on the fly.

And if you want to practice choreography, then keep drilling the combos that you struggle with.

Repetition will help your body remember the choreography, so that with enough practice, you will be able to execute it automatically.

On that note…

improve your dancing


3. Review old pieces and sets

Don’t stop practicing when the class ends!

Review pieces you’ve learned to keep them fresh in your mind.

Here’s How You Should Practice After Learning A Piece

If you feel like you are starting to forget a piece, especially one for your team’s set, then take the time to re-learn it.

This conditions your mind to consistently think about body placement.

Do you ever play a set from like, 5 years ago during practice, and watch someone do it flawlessly, like they just learned it yesterday?

I was always jealous of those people. You can be one of them if you just practice!

improve your dancing

4. Watch dance videos!

Chances are, dance videos are probably what got you into the ‘urban dance scene’ in the first place.

What exactly is Urban Dance, anyway? This will explain: What Is Urban Dance

Watching is not the same as doing, but it can be just as valuable a practice.

That is, if you watch a video with the intent to learn from it, not just be wow-ed by it.

As you watch the piece, think about the connections between the movements, how the choreographer interpreted certain sounds, their performance, the execution, etc.

Not sure where to start? You can always check on STEEZY’s channel for newest videos by the community’s top choreographers!

improve your dancing

5. Eat better

This one’s hard – I mean, who wants to give up their delicious practice snacks of hot cheetos and peach rings?

But poor eating habits can be detrimental when you really want to improve your dancing.

Plan ahead for rehearsals and pack some fruits or veggies. Or throw a granola bar in your bag if you’re on the go.

Junk food can give you quick bursts of energy, but will ultimately make you feel groggier and weighed down.

Not only will healthier foods energize you more sustainably, good eating habits will lead to better health in the long run.

Which means, your body will be able to dance longer, stronger, better!

Try, TRY not to succumb to the temptations of 10 Foods Californian Dancers Love After Long Rehearsals


BONUS: Train in your spare time

If you want to get right into the groove of things, try STEEZY Studio to start the training grind!

You can challenge yourself with our 12-week dance intensive by working on a piece, little by little, every day.

Need some clarification? This explains it all: How To Use STEEZY Studio


We have a video with more daily dance tips, too!

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