Do you go to class, learn from the back, and get nervous when it’s time to perform in groups?

Do you get anxious at the thought of freestyling?

Do you get stage fright.. no matter how many times you’ve performed?

Guess what?? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

It may seem like all dancers were just born natural performers, but there are plenty of us that are just plain shy.

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But dance is a performing art, so it’s expected of dancers to be able to perform.

If you want to get over that shyness and start dancing out of your shell, keep reading!

1. No one is watching you

13422465_616753955143128_4076385716400959172_oSomething I learned, not just about dance but about life, is this:

You shouldn’t worry so much about what people think about you… Because they’re really notthinking about you.

And that’s not an upsetting realization at all. In fact, it’s quite refreshing. It’s freeing.

Since most people are focused on their own performance and execution, they’re not really watching or judging you.

So focus on yourself, too! And not others.

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2.You can be someone else when you dance

13474940_616758985142625_4158592414078235266_oYou know what the coolest part about dancing is? You’re performing!

This means that you can play the role of someone else. You can literally be anyone you want when you dance, at any place you want, in whatever scenario you design in your mind.

In fact, being a bit emotionally detached from your IRL self is a great way to be able to dance with commitment to another character. It can help you infuse genuine intention to the piece without the inhibitions you’d normally feel.

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Imagine you as a non-shy version of yourself and dance in that role.

Do this enough and you’ll fake it ‘til you make it!

One day, you’ll realize you’re so comfortable performing or freestyling because you’ve embodied that mindset so frequently.

So start performing as that person now – if only for one piece at a time.

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3. This is your journey, and yours only


A lot of dancers’ anxiety comes from feeling behind in comparison to everyone else.

They’re insecure about not being at a certain level or feel embarrassed performing around really good dancers.

Stop comparing. Stop feeling defeated. Stop using other dancers as benchmarks.

Instead, take ownership over your own growth. Recognize that the only person holding yourself accountable is you.

Whether or not you decide to go take class, audition for a team, or mess up in class… those events are part of your unique journey as a dancer.

Everything and everyone else is arbitrary.

Do what YOU feel compelled to do.

Wherever you are is exactly where you’re meant to be at that time.

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4. Everyone messes up.. And it’s okay. REALLY.

Like the great Hannah Montana once proclaimed, “Everybody makes mistakes.”

Even the dancers that you look up to – famous, professional, experienced dancers – they all have stories of grand f^$%-ups.

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And look – they’re fine! They’re better than fine.

I’m not downplaying how seriously people take dance. We’re all crazy passionate about it. A lot of people build professional, life long careers around it. But when you put it into perspective…

It’s just dancing.

Even if you are dancing for a job, a dancer’s mess up at a show is not like a surgeon’s mess up during a surgery. No one died because you blanked out on that 8-count. No one was hurt from your ripple being early. Nothing blew up because your freestyle wasn’t on point.

It is a dramatic way to put it, but it does help us remember the most important thing:

Dance is a luxury and a blessing. Dancing is freaking fun.

I mean look at Pat Cruz messing up his own section in this year’s Urban Paradise set.

And look! He’s alive and well. Still killin’ it.

So it’s really okay. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

Go boogie 🙂

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5. There is no right or wrong

13580611_622438507908006_1969470555374792822_oYes, there are counts and moves to follow when you’re doing someone else’s choreography.

But there are no real rules when you’re choreographing or freestyling on your own. This is one of the most liberating things that any artist can realize.

If you get shy about something looking weird – it will look weird. The key is about owning your weirdness.

In fact, the most unique and eye-catching dancers are the ones who really commit to their own style.

Dance is a body and mind expressing itself. There can be no “wrong” when it comes to expression.

And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can stop feeling shy about dancing. You’ll start to dance just as you’re meant to.

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6. The worst thing would be to not try


Do you ever think about the things you could’ve done if your shyness wasn’t holding you back?

“If only I went up for that group… If only I tried out for that team… If only I introduced myself to that choreographer…”

Regret sucks.

And more often, we regret the things we did not do rather than the things we did.

The most unfortunate thing is suppressed or unrealized potential.

And if you keep letting your shyness hold you back, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

So stop wondering what you could be, and start taking steps to become it!

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We hope these ideas helped you overcome your shyness!

We can’t wait to watch you blossom.

What has helped you overcome your shyness in dance? Comment below and share with us!

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