Dancers love social media- especially Instagram.

My feed is always full of interesting photos, beautiful selfies, and whatever else we deem too important for a measly Twitpic or the impermanent Snapchat.

Instagram. Is. Our. Sh*t.

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And with any social media platform, we fall prey to the self-gratifying joy of taking stuff that we do and glamorizing it tenfold.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

BUT, IRL (In Real Life), things look a little different..

Here are 9 types of photos us dancers love to post, as well as their candid, un-Valencia/A6/F1-filtered counterparts.

1. New Shoes

Dancers On Instagram:

New kicks for that training grind ???????? #solemates

A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Are those the new Flyknit Free Run Adidas Jordans?!

Either way, Nike keeps making typos.

They’re called running dancing shoes, duh.

Dancers In Real Life:

???????????? A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

But let’s be real.

Shoes are EXPENSIVE.

Yet you got hella shoes, hella shoes. And no moneys…

But you won’t be regretting the 2-whole-paychecks’ purchase every time someone compliments those fly kicks ;D

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2. The Choreographing #Selfie

Dancers On Instagram:

Back on that creating grind???? A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

MMMMMmmm look at this huge studio with ALL the mirrors!

And the loud, booming speakers!

And all this privacy!

This is my #therapy, #metime, I’m so #professional and #independent. A little #freestyle #session time is all the #gratification I need because #passion.

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Dancers In Real life:


How many times have you either started choreographing in the car, or had to finish your piece last-minute?

But be CAReful… texting and driving is dangerous, but MOVING YOUR WHOLE UPPER BODY while trying out some hot moves.. that’s super dangerous.

Safety first, select group second!

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3. With The Choreographer After Class

Dancers On Instagram:

My inspirations since day 1???? So humbling to have trained with them!!! Thank you for everything ???????? A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on


It’s really really really awesome to be able to learn from people you look up to.

It’s an even more special experience to meet them personally, to thank and talk to them one on one.

I mentally replay the most meaningless of banter I had with certain choreographers because I was so starstruck and humbled.

TLDR; I like these pics. Keep doin’ it.

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Dancers In Real Life:

“Hey can you take mine for me? I’ll take yours.” A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Gotta get through this line it for that- “Thank you for class!”

“Aw thanks for taking! Good job!”

“Can I get a picture with you?”

“Yeah for sure!”

“Haha I’m sweaty~”

– convo. Phew. Worth it <333

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4. Class/Workshop Flyers

Dancers On Instagram:

Hey friends! Come boogie with me! ????   A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on


You know, just nonchalantly gonna blast that you should come (pay to) learn from me!

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Dancers In Real Life:

SERIOUSLY A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

I’m f*cking nervous tbh lol.

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5. Competition Lanyard

Dancers On Instagram:

It’s finally here!! Let’s go VIBE XX ????   A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

AW YEA. Gotta commemorate the arrival to the performance venue.

Expect some “good luck!” or “jellyy~~” comments from friends who are 1) not dancers or 2) didn’t go to that particular show.

Cuz all the dancers who are there with you ain’t checkin’ IG til the drive home.

Dancers In Real Life:

Perfect angle.

A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Immediately upon (getting your IDs back and) receiving the lanyard, dancers can be found 1) looking for good lighting, 2) crouched over in an awkward position, 3) wondering which roman numerals to include after the name of the competition.

This was XXI or XIX? Where is my X, even? #drakethoughts


6. Action Shots

Dancers On Instagram:

Livinggg with my fam on stage. Thanks @thatsteezy_ for this dope shot! #tbt A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on



Dancers In Real Life:

best action shot of me from the show….. #tbt #transitions #ninjarun   A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Unless you’re working front & center for 12 8-counts straight, you’re most likely not gonna get a new profile picture.

Maybe a derpy, funny, IG-worthy one, but let’s be real- action shots are not a photoshoot.

There are going to be a LOT of awesome group shots, but solo-wise? You get what you get.

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7. “Fam” Appreciation Posts

Dancers On Instagram:

Often found post- retreat, banquet, or show where team performed a set that meant “more than just dancing.”

We all instantly become poets at the touch of love for our family. Insta-poets. Nice poe-try.

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Dancers In Real Life:

/)____-   A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Can someone tell these people?!

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8. Post-Rehearsal Meal

Dancers On Instagram:

Well-deserved noms after rehearsal!!   A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Delicious, nutritious, photogenic food at a trendy, yelpable restaurant.

Bon Appetut! (featuring the Poreotics!)

Dancers In Real Life:

My passengers: ???????? A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

What’s open at 3 am? Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box. Inhaled before you even reach the freeway, using your lap as the placemat.

You’ll get in your car the next day to find some fries and bits of ranch-soaked lettuce crusted on your seat.

This is the less glamorous side of dancing, y’all…

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9. Team Hangout

Dancers On Instagram:

Hangin’ with these crazies after rehearsal! Can’t get enough of my fam. ????????????   A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

Rehearsal and bonding? More like bonding, with some dancing before, amirite? Ha ha ha! Love you guys!

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Dancers In Real Life:


Social media catch up tiiime… A photo posted by STEEZY Squad (@steezysquad_) on

“I’m just gonna get a smoothie.” 

“Oh my god did you see what __ posted? No wonder she wasn’t at rehearsal! #FAAAKE!”

“I gotta wake up for work at 7 tomorrow so I have to leave in 30.”

Snapchat: “Denny’s with (team name)~~~~!!!”


I sincerely hope this list didn’t offend anyone.

I think it’s nice (and hilarious) to kind of call things out, because deep down, we know it’s true.

The takeaway note would be: Don’t ever get too caught up in social media!


By the way, this isn’t our real account. Follow us on Instagram here!


Are there pics that you post that are a bit filtered as well? Comment below and share with us!

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This article was originally posted on September 3, 2015.

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