Do you watch amazing poppers and think, “Damn, how did they get so good? And how do I get there??” If you want to become a great popper, then you have to taking your popping training seriously!

But where do you start?!

BOOM, BABY! Here it is.

With this guide, you will design a step-by-step Popping training program that works for YOU!

Ready to get poppin’?

1. Get to Know Popping’s History and Influence

The first and probably most important thing to do before learning any dance style is to familiarize yourself with its origin and meaning!

The moves and techniques in Popping all have a backstory behind them. In order to truly understand and embody the essence of Popping, you must read, research, and chat about it!

Start by reading What Is Popping Dance?

Re-visit the history whenenver you have the opportunity. And don’t hesitate to ask other poppers about their knowledge and experience, too!

2. Focus On One Technique At A Time

For best progress from training, pick one thing at a time to concentrate on.

There are so many things within popping training that you can practice so you will feel overwhelmed if you try to tackle everything at once.

For example, start by practicing hits.

Use that day, or week, or entire month to practice hitting at various angles with different body parts.

Try moving through the pathway between hits. Use hits to initiate other body parts.

Dedicating yourself to one technique will help you to really understand and refine it.

Here’s an example of how to craft your training schedule:

Week 1 Hits
Week 2 Arm waves
Week 3 Full body waves
Week 4 Gliding
Week 5 Isolation
Week 6 Freestyle practice

Freestyle practice

Because popping is so technique-focused, drilling exercises will make a huge difference in your growth.

Repeating moves will get your muscles used to moving in the ways that popping calls for – whether they’re strong hits, or careful isolations.

Try these 7 popping drills recommended by Charles Nguyen of the Kinjaz and STEEZY Studio!

3. Build Your Library Of Music To Practice Popping To

You can technically practice to any music (or no music at all), but popping was originally danced to 80’s funk music.

Check out this classic:

And discover artists that you like…

Some of our faves:

Dogg Master!



If you want to practice for a long time without interruption, then try a mix of songs on YouTube. There are tons that are more than an hour long!

4. Practice At Popping Sessions

You can always drill at home by yourself, but another great way to practice is by going to a popping session.

A freestyle session is where a group of dancers get together – at a studio, gym, or even outside, to just… dance.

To find a session near you, look up “popping dance” on Facebook for popping groups and events. There are lots of Facebook groups where local dancers post events, classes, and sessions.

Another way to find a session is to Google “popping dance + your location,” which will usually yield results in crews or studios that you can stalk to find out where they practice.

If there are no resources in your area, then create your own!

Ask your friends to meet once a week and dance together. All you need is a sound system and the willingness to teach to and learn from one another.

Now, what to do at these sessions…

5. Go To Popping Battles

The culture of street dance is largely based on battles.

Don’t feel pressured to enter the battle just yet.

Simply attending and watching the rounds will give you so much more insight on popping. You’ll see how important technique is, how poppers add their own unique flair in the dance, and the culture of battling as a whole.

And of course, going to a popping battle is a great way to meet other poppers!

6. Find Popping Mentors

Speaking of meeting other poppers, finding a more experienced dancer to be your popping mentor can be massively valuable to your growth.

Ask dancers you look up to for advice. Ask them about how they got started. Ask for tips and pointers.

Though it may seem like a long shot, asking never hurts. The worst someone can say is no.

The best that can happen? You gain knowledge, insight, and a mentor to guide you through your popping training.

In fact, great poppers only got to be great by learning from those who came before them.

If your love and passion for popping is real, then people will want to help you.

7. Try Our Popping Training Program!

STEEZY Studio’s popping program with Boogie Frantick will teach and drill one essential element of popping during each class.


You’ll receive in-depth instruction, drilling exercises, and insight on Popping’s history and culture!

Try it out today for free!

Everything You Need To Start Your Popping Training

The question of “How do I become a popper?” is a mystery no more!

Commit to your training and practice consistently. As you put in the work, you’ll be that amazing popper that someone else watches, thinking “holy sh*t,” in no time!

No more waiting. No more excuses.

Now that you have all these resources, all you need to do is to do it.

What are some tips you have for dancers who want to train in popping? Comment below and share with us!