On May 31, Tru Fam brought Prelude Dance Competition Series to Las Vegas. Battling 99 degree weather yet hungry to perform and share, the competing teams brought their best to the stage. The placing teams’ directors share¬†their experiences leading to, at, and after the show.¬†


1ST — Family Bizness¬†(Alhambra, CA)

2ND¬†— High Profile (Las Vegas, NV)

3RD — Articulate (Temecula, CA)


How was it competing in a different out of state? 

“It was¬†great! It’s a great opportunity for any team to experiences audiences outside of your immediate community. You just have to take advantage of what you have.”

– Daniel Kim, Fam Biz

“It was really refreshing to dance out of state, especially because the community in Vegas is so welcoming. It was Fam Biz’ first time doing Prelude LV, so we didn’t know what¬†to expect- but there was such a positive and supportive vibe between the dancers. And Tru Fam was so prepared in the planning of the show, that there was no added stress of event logistics.”

– Marc Miranda, Fam Biz

“The last time we went to Vegas was for HHI¬†2014, where we got a little taste of the dance communities around the nation, but this time around we got to really see Vegas’ scene, magnified. The biggest thing I noticed was the diversity in styles.¬†There was a higher level of commitment to originality. Mecamee, High Profile, and Tru Fam really showed completely different styles and I really respected how they refused to shift to the trend and stuck¬†to what they grew into and trained out from.”

– Kevin Hoh, Articulate

What was it like competing near your own community, as opposed to driving/flying out of state for a show?

“As much as we love traveling as a team and competing in other communities when the opportunity arises, competing close to home is always a blessing. Our community is small and it’s nice to see everyone working hard on their craft despite the few opportunities we are given here. I’d like to think the Vegas dance community is small but mighty. We love what we do on High Profile and wouldn’t be where we are today without our motto of ‘LOVE. LOYALTY. LEGACY.'”

– Marisa Herrera & Troy Corrales, High Profile

What was your creative process like, for the set?

“For Fam Biz, we usually have¬†members submit pieces they want¬†choreograph too. Usually people always ask their directors what we want from them. Marc and I firmly believe in letting our members do what they do best, without restricting anyone with any artistic boundaries. So we select pieces from our teammates, then play around with the music to get a good flowing routine.”

– Daniel Kim, Fam Biz

“I think our choreographers gave their all to not only do the best choreography, but also in showing their¬†personalities through¬†the pieces. We definitely took it to heart what the judges said to us at Fusion and made adjustments.

I wanted To stop comparing ourselves to other teams and just strive to be better then the last time we competed… As a director, that was a different approach for me. To see that our score from Prelude surpassed our score from Fusion was already a win for us.¬†That was an awesome feeling for sure.”

– Marc Miranda, Fam Biz

“We recently competed out in the Bay Area with about half of our team. While that was taking place, the other half that couldn’t make the trip was working on another medley for a local benefit show here at home. For Prelude LV, both halves were able to come together again and focus on being one whole unit. We composed this medley with choreography from both halves and had a great time in the process.

What we wanted to do with this medley was show our strength through choreography by having the two halves dancing together again. Chemistry and unity are¬†so important. We couldn’t be more proud of our team and how far we have come in just a few months. We are blessed to be on our 6th year since establishment and can’t wait for what’s in store the rest of the year.”

– Marisa Herrera & Troy Corrales, High Profile

“This set was a special one for us. Articulate was going through a really rough patch, and we began to lose sight of why exactly we were dancing and why we “loved” to dance. As a director, it was really disheartening to see my dancers¬†stray away from the real purpose and conviction that fueled our dancing. I actually found the song while having a family bbq in my backyard because my neighbors were playing it: “The dog days are over.” It sounded perfect for our situation.
It was really about us growing together back to our love, our life, with every rehearsal that passed. We began dancing for each other, and not only for 23 other members, but for everyone, dancer or non dancer, in our Temecula community. Through this newfound drive, we discovered love. Love for each other, love for our community, love for humans, and love for dance again. The night before we left for prelude we ran the dance for 3 hours nonstop. No water breaks, nothing- and every time we ran through we would do it for a different purpose. Once for our family, once for our teachers, once for our friends, etc. Despite all this however, our biggest victory wasnt in overcoming our block, but accepting that placing wasnt the victory anymore, we were already victorious when we found love again. Thanks Jesus!”

– Kevin Hoh, Articulate

Prelude Vegas was special to every team for different reasons, but there is no denying that it enabled different communities came together to share and unite within a common passion.

“We enjoyed the time we shared on stage with our team mates and the other talented crews from all over the west coast. Big shout out to the Beat Dance Academy and our Las Vegas dance community, especially our junior team Ground Zero for always inspiring us to work hard.”

РMarisa Herrera & Troy Corrales, High Profile 

“Thank you to God for arms, legs, ears, and hearts to be able to feel and do what we love! And thanks to our Temecula community for helping us rediscover ourselves! And HUGE shoutouts to Steezy for opening up the opportunity for small communities like Temecula to be recognized!”

– Kevin Hoh, Articulate

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