In a short span of half a year, Snowglobe Workshops has managed to become one of the prominent workshop series hungry dancers loyally attend. And, adding a fresh cinematic spin on our typical workshop video, Isaiah Masters uses his film production major to continually push Snowglobe Perspective to new heights. 

But in order to understand the foundation of Snowglobe Workshops, here is a little backstory for you: during Isaiah’s senior year of college, when faced with the same debilitating fear we have all had of not knowing what to do post-graduation, Isaiah was determined to be able to practice within the realm of film while supporting himself. After dancing with Haluan out of UCSC for 2 years it quickly became evident to Isaiah that his true passions were film, and dance within film. After being exposed to early dance concept videos from Kanauru, the possiblity to make dance videos as a job was too tempting to pass up, and in his last year of college – Snowglobe Perspective was born. 

After launching Snowglobe, there was no turning back; 2.5 years later, he continues to challenge himself and grow as an artist within the cinematic sphere by providing us with his perspective on dance videos. Releasing at least one video a week, Isaiah believes consistency, as with anything in life, is the key to success and growth. 

In celebration of Snowglobe Perspective’s 2nd year anniversary and his official move from the Bay Area to SoCal, Isaiah ventured into the next chapter of his journey with the creation of the Snowglobe Workshop series. With the determination to shine the spotlight on dancers he has always looked up to and finally being in a position to do it, Isaiah propelled Snowglobe Workshop into a reality for the dance community to enjoy (Snowglobe Workshops is now on its 7th card!). Although at times managing a steady editing schedule and organizing Snowglobe Workshops can be overwhelming, the love and support from the dance community and friends has made everything more than possible for him. 

It comes to no surprise that other than wanting to support dancers/choreographers, Isaiah’s favorite part about Snowglobe Workshops is adding his video finesse to class footage and workshop videos, allowing him to stay grounded to his cinematic roots. As for what he wants the workshops to provide for dancers? A fresh perspective. Isaiah earnestly hopes to shine the light on choreographers who may not have as many opportunities to teach through Snowglobe Workshops (you may remember his Snowglobe Workshops ‘Underdogs’ series). All his workshops consistently are themed and grouped under styles that compliment one another.

The fact that people have consistently been so supportive of these workshops is what Isaiah considers one of the highlights of his career thus far; he’s humbled by the trust dancers place on him just by showing up. For this exact reason, Isaiah knows never to stay comfortable.

“The hardest part is keeping the passion within yourself to grow. When a hobby [like this] turns into a job, it’s easy to streamline yourself artistically. The biggest thing with me is to stay inspired and just never be comfortable. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to develop artistically.”

With that, I’m sure we can all eagerly anticipate the return of Snowglobe Workshops 7 at the end of the month (yes, there have been that many already)! And for those who are looking to build their repertoire of dance videos – Isaiah truly emphasizes his accessibility to the dance community. All you have to do is reach out, and let him know you need a dance video filmed, and you’ll be in good hands.

Watch the videos from Snowglobe Workshops here!

Be sure to take class this Sunday at BZ Utopia for Snowglobe Workshop 7 – details are all here!


Which Snowglobe Workshops have you taken? Who do you want to see teach at Snowglobe Workshops next? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

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