BACK IN THE DAY… I used to learn dance routines off YouTube. It was like a game – pausing the video every 2 seconds, mirroring the pictures in my head, and trying to match it.

But it was a hard game! I’d be guessing moves and skipping combos that were too fast to catch.. and at the end of it all have a half-learned piece that I could barely execute.

Well, GREAT NEWS – STEEZY Studio was made for us to learn from our screens as easily as possible.

But STEEZY.CO is even more than a platform for personalized, interactive dance tutorials.

It’s a comprehensive resource where you can take class, connect with other dancers, track your progress, talk to choreographers, read about dance history, and more!

Keep reading to see how STEEZY Studio is not your ordinary YouTube dance tutorial.

A player that was BUILT FOR taking classes

YouTube dance videos and dance tutorials are not shot nor produced in a way that can truly mimick a real-life class experience.

The video player is simply not designed for that.

STEEZY Studio’s player was made from scratch, keeping in mind the ways that dancers like to learn.

When you start a STEEZY Studio class, you’ll notice that the choreography is split into sections.

These are PRE-CUT for you so that you can jump to, repeat, or skip any section.

With this tool, you can repeat a combo in slow, medium, or tempo speed as many times as you want.

You can also slow down the pace of the entire video using these buttons.

And get that front OR back view 😉

And of course, we’re constantly updating our features for dancers to learn better online!

There are like, a LOT of classes

How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials

You can take over 90 different classes of varying difficulty, style, and skills targeted to practice on STEEZY Studio.

…From your favorite choreographers

Click here to go through our lineup of world-renowned choreographers!

Because they know that you will not be able to raise your hand and ask a question, our choreographers teach each and every move super thoroughly and drill it many times to ensure you can get it.

If you ever wanna learn from someone not (yet) on our roster, let us know your requests and we shall work our magic to make it happen.

Specifically designed programs for you

Dance videos and tutorials on YouTube are seldom organized in any cohesive, constructive manner.

But because there are so many classes, you might not know where to start!

STEEZY Studio has specifically designed programs that take you through a set of classes.

The beginner program is all about building your fundamental vocabulary and grooving out.

The popping program, instructed by Boogie Frantick, teaches you all the basics of popping technique. There are also practice classes that you can take to drill!

The GRV program is a series taught by GRV’s dancers and choreographers that will train you like you’re on the team.

And the STEEZY Studio 12-week intensive is a challenge that you’ll come out a million times more well-rounded!

Of course, no one is required to go through every single class. But if you’re someone who thrives best with some structure, here it is!

The ability to track your progress

Instead of reloading a YouTube video and searching for the last move you learned, you will earn a trophy for every completed class!How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials

If you didn’t finish a class in one session, this blue bar will keep track of how much of the class (in %) you completed!

How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials


Stalking made easy with our choreographer bios

Instead of stalking their Twitter feed and trying to find a bio that doesn’t exist online…

Get to know your idols a bit better by reading up on their stories!

How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials

We personally interviewed each of them and wrote up the story of their dance journeys.


Connection to the global dance community

YouTube can be a lonely place.

You learn stuff, post stuff, comment stuff, but all that stuff gets lost in the ether without a community to recognize it.

When you join STEEZY Studio, you join a Facebook group of dancers around the world that you can talk to, share videos with, and maybe even meet in person!

The STEEZY team also posts dance challenges, class updates, and exclusive STEEZY news on this page as well 😉


Customer support

Because YouTube’s purpose is to distribute content, not teach what’s in it, the only support you’re gonna get will be technical.

You get technical support on STEEZY Studio, of course, but you also get to chat with our team about anything and everything, through our messaging system.

How STEEZY Studio Is Different From YouTube Dance Tutorials

Ran into a kink on a video? Need some footwork tips? Feeling unmotivated? Holla @ the STEEZY Squad!

Say goodbye to the days of makeshift 240p YouTube tutorials! Try out STEEZY Studio for free today.