What kind of unique style as a dancer do YOU have??? *scratches chin while deep in thought*

Although you may draw inspiration from a lot of dancers you look up to, YOU still have a style that’s exclusively YOUR OWN.

It’s just waiting to be discovered.

Discovered, developed, and put to practice.

Follow this guide to see what kind of marvelous moves you got that are just itching to shine!!!

Learn Choreography

Whether it’s an old or new piece, yours or another’s, practicing choreography is a great exercise for an independent mover.

Not only are you conditioning your muscle memory with specific movement, but you’re also allowing yourself to exercise that brainpower with various movements.

So APPLY yourself to the movements you’re learning!

Actively engage with how it feels, how it translate the music, then

rethink what else is possible.

By doing this, you’re individualizing the previously learned movement and musicality and making it your OWN.

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You’ve watched yourself over and over again, and you might be over analyzing your progress.

Stop now before you scrub out your confidence!

You’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses. Now you’re ready to free up your movements.

Whether you’re choreographing or just practicing…

let your body just react.

Just move.

If you’ve applied yourself enough, you might even surprise yourself with the ways your body will interpret the music.

You might even be so in flow with the music that you forget what you actually did.

“That thing I did felt SUPER cool, but wtf did I do?”

Save yourself the confusion and record yourself again!

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Hey, remember that one 5th grade math homework assignment?

Probably not, because you haven’t looked at it since.. 5th grade.

The key to retention is repetition.

Take a song you’ve been moving to, think about how you’re interpreting the song or different ways to, and then explore your movements.

Do it in a safe, creative space away from any judgements and just go nuts.

You never see the experiments that lead to the results, but they’re an important part of the process.

Condition your mind by envisioning this type of movement as flowy, staccato, hard, small, or big.

This might help identify the revised goal and then you can repeat as necessary.

Discovering YOUR style is done WITH style.

Here are some choreographers’ thoughts regarding individual style:


Try not to confuse what you enjoy doing and how you naturally move with what you enjoy watching or what looks “cool.” I love the way Vinh Nguyen dances, but I don’t move/choreograph like him (no one does, haha).


But you can take influences from his movement and shape it to your own liking and comfort.

I suggest freestyling and recording yourself to see how you move and also to have a better understanding of your body.

No one can move exactly the way you do, but that’s what makes you, you.

– David Lee


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When I think of my “style” I think of where I’ve been and where I’d like to go.

I incorporate all the training I’ve received and everything I’ve learned and combine that with experimentation and derivation from the art all around to inspire me.

So when I feel blocked in developing my style, I usually look back to my foundations or go even further and start experimenting to spark more inspiration.

Just know that your style is YOU and your own unique path. 

– Markus Pe Benito

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Discovering who you are as an artist is definitely a super complicated and delicate learning process, but know who you are and what you like!

This is the very key, not only in dance, but life too!

– Charles Nguyen


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First, find some sort of inspiration! Creating your own style doesn’t necessarily have to be crafted 100% on your own. Every idea starts somewhere and every person has something different to offer.

What I like to do is to take class from choreographers I feel would help me with my vision/style.

For example, if I want to work on my footwork and somehow combine it with isolation, I’ll take Ray Basa’s house class and then Anthony Lee’s – two choreographers sharing their own individual knowledge/experience.

You can find inspiration anywhere! In dance class, at the park, or at church… The only thing that’s holding you back is yourself.

Live in this world with an open mind, go out and explore, because it takes experience to find the puzzle pieces to your own craft.

– Gina Hong


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Now take these tips, and keep on that training grind to develop your own voice as a dancer!


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This article was written by Michelle Shim and originally published on September 29, 2015.