Do you have your own unique style as a dancer???


Although you draw inspiration from dancers that you look up to, YOU still dance like… well, you.

Whether you know it or not, your unique style as a dancer is just waiting to be discovered, developed, and shared with the world!

Follow this guide to bring out that flavor that’s just waiting to shine~

What kind of music do you like?

Dance comes from the music.

Rather than trying to come up with some dance moves out of nowhere, start byĀ listening to music you love.

House? Gangster rap? Acoustic covers of Adele songs?

Make a playlist of the songs that make you want to dance.

Then, let them make you dance.


How would you move if you’ve never seen ANY dance moves before?

But even if you want to move organically, you’ve already seen too many videos of people dancing toĀ almost every genre of music…

And there are so many dancers that you look up to and want to emulate.

Just for a bit though, try to forget those videos and those dancers.

It’s just you.

Let go, and let your body react to the sounds.

Many street styles were created exactly like this.

People were at clubs and parties and justĀ did the things their bodies felt like doing.

There were no rules, no mirrors, no trophies to win, no YouTube videos to copy.

They just went to have fun, vibe out with each other, and let theĀ musicĀ make the moves.

Then later, they were likeĀ “Dang, that’s pretty cool. Let’s make it a thing.”

You, too, can make your own unique style as a dancer by first letting your body free.


Put some structure around it

It’s not that you should ignoreĀ whatever training you’ve had so far.

If anything, it’s about building on top of your base of movement as you explore different pathways and pictures.

Don’t try to “look like Keone” or just do the footwork you’ve learned from House sessions, but use that knowledge and muscle memory to guide your movement.

Continue refining those movements through training.

Learn fundamental styles that you gravitate towards, whether it’s Popping or House or Ballet or Ballroom.

These drills can help shape your movement and give more direction in your freestyles, choreography, or execution.

Think of your dancing as a coloring book.

You color the shapes in with your own flavor, but having that outline helps define and polish your movements.


Come up with your own concoction

Did you know that Chris Martin started dancing as a b-boy? This explains why he loves incorporating floor work and how athletic his choreography is.

unique style as a dancer

Did you know that Franklin Yu was/is a Popper? Hence his strong hits and isolations in his pieces.

unique style as a dancer

Melvin Timtim’s been training in Krump, which adds another layer of style to his choreography.

unique style as a dancer

You can trace dancers’ styles back to their different influences.

They all have different different tastes, train under different people, and go through different experiences that make their style what it is.

It’s aboutĀ usingĀ everything you have ā€“ the muscle memory your body developed from ballet training from when you were 5, choreography influence from the directors on your team, creative inspiration from those 2 am session in the parking lot…

Take all of those ingredients to cook up your own unique style as a dancer!


Some choreographers’ tips on developing your own unique style as a dancer

“Own what makes you, you”

Try not to confuse what you enjoy doing and how you naturally move with what looks “cool.” I love the way Vinh Nguyen dances, but I don’t move/choreographĀ like him (no one does, haha).

But you can take influences from his movement and shape it to your own likingĀ and comfort.

I suggest freestyling and recording yourself to see how you move and also to have a betterĀ understanding of your body.

No one can move exactly the way you do, but that’s what makes you, you.

ā€“ David Lee

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“Take inventory of what inspires you”

When I think of my ā€œstyleā€ I think of where Iā€™ve been and where Iā€™d like to go.

I incorporate everything Iā€™ve learned and combine that with experimentation and derivation from art to inspire me.

ā€“ Markus Pe Benito

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“Know yourself”

Know who you are and what you like!

This is the very key, not only in dance, but life too!

ā€“ Charles Nguyen


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“Stay a student”

First, find some sort of inspiration! Creating your own style doesnā€™t necessarily have to be crafted 100% onĀ your own. Every idea starts somewhere.

What I like to do isĀ to take class from choreographers I feel would help me with my vision/style.

For example, if I want to workĀ on my footwork and somehow combine it with isolation, Iā€™ll take Ray Basa’s house class and then AnthonyĀ Lee’s ā€“ two choreographers sharing their own individual knowledge/experience.

You can find inspirationĀ anywhere! Live inĀ this world with an open mind, go out and explore. You’ll find the puzzle pieces that make your own unique style as a dancer.

ā€“ Gina Hong

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Developing your unique style as a dancer is not an overnight process.

Creative choreography and mind-blowing freestyles and eye-catching quality of movement is born from years and years of hard work.

Luckily, that hard work is also a lot of fun!

Put these tips to use and have fun exploring what makes you uniquely you.



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