Struggling to find the perfect online dance class?

If you started your search by typing “online dance classes” into Google, you probably took one look at the millions of results and thought:

Jk, this is WAY more work than it’s worth.

You’d have to spend hours digging through YouTube tutorials and dodgy websites, even IF you’re 100% certain what you’re looking for.

Follow along our guide below to narrow down exactly which classes you should take – and start taking them today!

1. Set Your Dance Goals

Different dance classes serve different needs.

Before you start your search, ask yourself…

What do I want to get out of this class?

If your goal is to join a dance team or compete in battles, look for more detailed classes that focus on building your skills and techniques.

If you thrive on learning new things, look for a website with a wide variety of styles to choose from, so you always have something new to master.

If you just want to have fun and work up a sweat, look for weekly beginner/intermediate classes where you can learn basic steps while grooving to popular songs! 

Defining your dance goals from the beginning will make it much easier to pick and choose between classes.

Read this article to learn more about setting and achieving your dance goals.

2. Determine Your Class Level 

Keep in mind that class levels are usually assigned based on the amount of dance experience the class taker has.

If you’re totally new to dance, stick to the beginner classes that build your skills, step-by-step.

If you have some dance experience but you’re not super polished (or feel a bit rusty), take classes in the beginner-intermediate range.

Been dancing for a while now? Check out sites with intermediate-advanced offerings.

If a site mainly focuses on a skill level that doesn’t match yours, there’s no need to bother checking out their instructors or signing up for a free trial. 

Look for something tailored to where you are in your dance journey – and where you want to go.

3. Look For Reputable Instructors

Don’t just skim over instructors’ fluffy social media profiles and carefully curated bios.

Look. For. Credits.

Credits can include:

  • Physical studios that the instructor has taught in
  • Music videos/commercials/shows/movies they have choreographed or danced in
  • Dance teams they’re on

Do your research and make sure that your potential instructor has solid experience in the dance industry and culture.

It’s equally important to make sure your instructor isn’t just any dancer who decided to teach some classes. 

You won’t learn if your instructor doesn’t know how to teach you!

If it’s not clear that the instructor has plenty of teaching experience, make sure you’re able to get a preview of their classes to get a feel for their teaching style.

4. Seek Guided Programs

One of the hardest things about taking dance classes at home is not having a well laid out plan for leveling up.

You might find some really great classes online, but feel totally lost about which classes you should take in which order.

Take the guesswork out of this process by signing up for guided programs!

On STEEZY Studio, we break dance styles down into classes that build on each other, step-by-step.

For example, if you wanna learn how to pop your whole body like a pro, renowned popper Slim Boogie teaches you how to pop each body part, class by class. 

Then, you learn how to add it all together!

5. Compare Prices

While classes at a physical studio can easily run $20 for one session, online classes are often much more affordable.

But, don’t fall into the trap of looking exclusively for free classes! 

Free classes are often taught by less experienced instructors, have poor video quality, and little customer support.

Carefully weigh the benefits of each learning platform and sign up for classes that demonstrate clear value in relation to the price.

If you plan to take more than 1-2 classes, for example, look for a platform that offers unlimited classes for a monthly or yearly fee, rather than charging per class. 

6. Test The Features

There’s LOTS of obstacles to learning online.

It can be difficult to see the instructors clearly, you might have to constantly pause and rewind, and if you don’t have a mirror to practice in, it’s tough to track your progress.

Even if you THINK you’re totally sure about an online class, don’t lock yourself in until you can test it out and look for pain-points. 

The best online dance classes address these issues by providing features that make it feel like a live class.

Take advantage of free trials to determine if the classes work for you!

7. Look For Support

Have you ever tried to contact a company’s customer support team and got left on read?

Yeah. Us too. 🙁 

When you have questions or need help, being able to reach a real human is essential.

Before signing up for anything, make sure there’s a customer support email or phone number available – just in case.

And if you already have questions about the site, feel free to reach out and ask before taking the plunge.

Bonus tip!

While you’re at it, see if the website has a solid community behind it too. 

Check if the company has an Instagram, YouTube Channel, or community page where people taking class can connect with each other.

Having access to a greater dance community is a HUGE benefit in leveling up your dance skills. 

You can get tips from other dancers, share your progress, and get to know other people who are learning at home, just like you.

Learning dance online doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge.

Use these 7 tips to find the best online dance classes, fast.

Want a shortcut to some classes that meet every criteria on this list?

Start your dance journey with STEEZY Studio!

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