Do you ever get really motivated to get better at dancing… BUT

You either live 92736 miles from the nearest studio, classes are not being offered on that day, you have no ride, or you can’t afford to pay for a class?

Ugh, buzzkill.

Whatever the reason, it’s not always possible to take a class or workshop whenever inspiration strikes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t train!

You can get getter at dancing anywhere, anytime… if you really want to.

Here are 4 ways to get better at dancing at home!

1. Practice a piece you’ve already learned

Get Better At Dancing
Ever take a class that was soooo good?

Well, that experience doesn’t have to end! You can keep practicing that piece on your own time.

Start by playing the song and marking the piece in your head.

Then try it with a light mark. (You don’t need a mirror here, but it does help for cleaning.)

Once you remember how it feels, turn off the song and go over each 8-count in detail.

Try and remember the notes that the choreographer gave that you may have missed because of the pressures of class.

Got it more ingrained in your muscle memory? Cool.

Now go full out.

With more leeway on time, you have the luxury of really playing around with the choreography – adding performance, facials, some freestyle, etc.

This is a great way to get better at dancing and hone your strategy in class taking.

Re-learning a piece at your own pace and manner will help you understand what kind of learner you are and how to approach a piece the next time you take a class.

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2. Drill fundamental exercises and grooves

Get Better At Dancing
Popping, locking, waacking, house, etc., – whatever style you want to get better at dancing in, a good way to start is through repetition.

Freestyling lets you do whatever you want to do with your body, but drills can set the framework for your movement.

Play a song, and practice the basics.

Switch it up every few 8-counts or so.

Combine variations of those basic drills – this is the skeleton to your freestyle!

Doing this will not only strengthen your fundamentals, it’s also a practice in mental discipline.

You will strengthen the body parts you engage, getting the grooves into your muscle memory.

Want to drill your Popping fundamentals? Try Boogie Frantick’s Popping Program on STEEZY Studio!

Or, practice Hip Hop Grooves with Bianca Vallar – this class will definitely get your body used to grooving out.

3. Stretch and strength train your body

Get Better At Dancing
As dancers, our bodies are our most important tools. It’s crucial to keep it healthy, strong, and flexible.

Even if you’re not actively dancing, you can still become a better dancer by stretching and strength training your body.

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Identify a few parts of your body that you’d like to strengthen. For instance,

Do your arms feel floppy when you dance? Are you having problems with balance? Do you want to kick higher or jump further?

Targeting key areas will make you more confident and better able to execute in a way that you envision for yourself.

When you have a better understanding of your body, you get better at dancing with it.

Unsure of where to start? Your core is a great body part to train – a stronger core will mean better balance, control, and strength.

Do crunches, planks, and other ab exercises are easy ways to become a better dancer at home.


4. Train On STEEZY Studio

When I first started dancing, I’d find pieces on YouTube and try to learn it off of the 240 pixel non-mirrored video.

But now… there’s STEEZY Studio.

STEEZY Studio brings dance classes from world-class choreographers to your home. 

You can review certain sections, a convenient 10-second rewind button, switch quickly from front / back views), and practice in a slow, medium or tempo speed as many times as you need.

Sign up now and start learning, training, and getting better at dancing for a week free!


There’s no reason for you not be training right now.

You have everything you need to get better at dancing, wherever you are!

We hope these ideas inspired you to train, with or without a studio.


Have other suggestions for training at home? Leave a comment below and share with us! 

This article was originally published on February 24, 2016.