You instantly thought of a team when you saw this headline, didn’t you?

It’s the dream team you’ve been following for years. You’ve seen all their performances and rewatched ‘em on YouTube. You know certain dancers by name and even by the pieces they’ve choreographed.

You daydream about being on stage with them. Rehearsing, hanging out, training with them.

Whichever dance team it is, this is for you – you can be a part of it.

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It’s possible to make it into your dream team, but it won’t be easy.

Fortunately, you can use these tips and tricks to guide you through every step of the way.

Ready to rep that (Team Name) gear? Just keep reading.


Evaluate your reasons for wanting to join this team

There are so many things that people want. But even if you want something a lot, not having a clear and compelling reason will make it easy to get sidetracked or quit.

Is it because you look up to certain choreographers and directors? Because you want to grow in that team’s style? Because your mission as a dancer aligns with the team’s?

Getting in touch with your “why” is going to keep your focus on your goal, even when you feel defeated during the journey.

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Auditioning for your dream dance team may feel intimidating, but it’s not some mysterious process that is impossible to get through.

Here’s the simplest way to make it on to a team: get to a point where it feels like you’re already on it.

What does that mean?

Teams are families. Little communities. So whomever they welcome in has to vibe with the team, as a dancer and as a person. Someone who’s already on the inside.

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As a dancer: train with the team

Take classes from / with members of the team, especially the directors. You’ll get to know their style, teaching tendencies, and personalities.

And there will most likely be other members from the team taking those classes that you can train alongside as well.

Study them. Analyze how they move, how they take instruction, and how they interpret the music.

Watching the team’s sets is one thing, but actually learning pieces from those choreographers is a totally different experience. It will prepare you tremendously for the audition.

If you train with the team enough, the audition will feel like another fun class – that you know you’re equipped to kill.

And (knock on wood) even if you mess up during auditions, the team and directors will have already seen you train and dance outside of that. Even good dancers have bad auditions (:

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As a person: form a relationship with the team members

In no way should you force any kind of relationship with someone in the hopes that they’ll notice or remember you.

But if you are genuinely interested in getting to know the team and the people in it, it’s not at all weird to try and befriend them.

Also, it’s important to note that each team has its own culture. They have a brand, personality, and history that was shaped by its members since the team’s inception.

Do you vibe with that personality? Remember – the team has to be a good fit for you, too, as much as you are for it.

If you can get along with most of the people on the team, you’re good.

Find out audition dates

Write ‘em down.

Make a countdown calendar.

Whatever you need to do to make that date stand out. Each day leading up to it counts.

Oh, and a lot of teams will host “pre-audition workshops before the actual audition too. GO TO THOSE.

Prepare for the audition

Ask around to see what the process is like. It won’t matter as much if you are prepared, but it’s still nice to know what you’re walking into.

Some teams have 2 cuts, 3, or 4, some have call backs, some take all day or a few hours. It can vary so much.

So show up with everything you need in accordance with that process. Bring a change of clothes, water, snacks, and the right mentality.


Learning process

When learning the audition piece, stand somewhere that feels comfortable. Don’t hog the front line, but don’t be too shy and stay in the back the whole time.

This process is for YOU. Make sure you can see, give yourself enough space, drill whatever you need to. Be courteous and respectful, but get what you need.

Stay focused on yourself

It’ll be tempting to watch other audition-ees, but doing so will only misdirect your energy.

It’s so inefficient to get tripped up by the others.

Learn, practice, and perform to the best of your own abilities.


Cleanliness comes a dime a dozen, but it’s hard to ignore someone who has genuine passion for dance and hunger to grow.

Yes, kill the piece, but more than that, show off how much you really love dancing.

The perfect way to do this is to freestyle.

Before the piece starts when you’re auditioning, GET INTO IT. And after the piece ends, keep dancing til the music stops.

And if there is an actual cypher component in the audition, GO IN.

You don’t have to necessarily be a “freestyler” to do these things. Just dance. The simple act of putting yourself out there is important.

So freestyle – as much and as long as you can.


Make sure to thank the people who taught and judged the audition, and hope for the best!

No matter what the results are, auditioning for your dream dance team will have been a great experience. You had to learn choreo quickly, in a crowded room, and had to perform under pressure.

And you know what pushing yourself out of your comfort zone does? It expands it.

So, wait for that call or for the roster to be posted – but keep in mind that whether or not you made the team, you grew from that experience.

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We hope this article made you feel more confident auditioning for your dream team! A great way to improve your skills is to take classes on STEEZY Studio. Our choreographers provide the right instruction and inspiration you need for any dance goal you have.

Any tips that you can give on auditioning for a dance team? Comment below and share with us!