How To Start Dancing – Hip Hop For Beginners

Wanna know how to start dancing? Ok, first things first – we’re talking what people call “Urban Dance,” but used “Hip Hop” in this title because the term is misused that often. Read here, about Why You Shouldn’t Call Urban Dance “Hip Hop”

But hey! We had to get you here somehow, right? We’re just playing Google’s game.

Anyway, let’s get started on learning some dance moves.

STEEZY’s Guide on How To Start Dancing is broken down into 10 sections.

We recommend you go through all of them in order, but you can totally skip to a section you want.

Hold up. Do you feel a bit… scared?

Don’t worry! That’s completely natural!

Learning how to dance Hip Hop or Urban Dance is something new to you – and anything new can be scary.

So here, watch this video for some help in getting over those insecurities.

Because the only thing keeping you from starting to dance is yourself.

Trust us, you can do it.

You don’t even need that much time, money, or even a studio to start to learn how to dance.

And we’re here to guide you through every single step of the process, giving you all the resources you need!

So click here to start your first section of STEEZY’s Beginner Dance Guide!