There is no ONE right way to train. We all have different dance goals and different ways we grow best.

What’s important is that you specify and focus on the ways that you’d like to improve – then plan your training according to those goals.

STEEZY Studio can help boost your growth, no matter which way you wanna grow.

You don’t just learn a piece of choreography. You also get access to easy-to-follow popping drills, a guide for understanding your body and movement execution, a closer connection to your favorite choreographers… The list goes on!

So take advantage of STEEZY Studio in all the ways that it can help you reach your dance goals!

1. How to improve your choreography pickup on STEEZY Studio

You can control the pace and structure of a class on STEEZY Studio.


These 15 second rewind and fast-forward buttons make it easy to review any section.

How To Use STEEZY Studio To Grow As A Dancer

You can even slow down the ENTIRE video using these speed controllaz~

How To Use STEEZY Studio To Grow As A DancerYou also have the option of jumping around to ANY part of the class to brush up on that section.

How To Use STEEZY Studio To Grow As A Dancer

It’s nice to be able to slow things down and jump around, but if you want to improve your choreography pickup, try to use these controls less.

Our choreographers are great at explaining their movements, so pay close attention as they teach and drill the sections without thinking of repeating as an option.

Along with pushing yourself to keep up with the class’ pace, pickup is something that improves with quantity of practice.

Being able to “get” choreography is a skill that you can definitely flex and strengthen with consistent learning.

So take more classes – regularly. Set a schedule and stick to it.

2. How to dance cleaner with STEEZY Studio

You can pause the class at any time, study the pictures of the choreographer and assistants, and match them.

For extended combos and sections, practice the moves at a slower tempo with the video so you can match the pictures and pathways between them.

Then, close your eyes or turn away from the mirror and practice it.

This will turn that understanding of what you’re supposed to look like into what you actually look like because the moves were cleanly copied onto your body, then stored as muscle memory.

3. How to explore your freestyle potential on STEEZY Studio

Many classes on STEEZY Studio are designed to teach you freestyle basics.

There is a series of popping techniques taught by world-renowned popper Boogie Frantick.

You’ll learn and drill these moves until they become second nature to your body.

Then, you will learn how to take those building blocks into a freestyle.

He demonstrates here:

You can also get inspired through Kid Boogie’s popping choreo:

Bianca Vallar’s classes are FILLED with grooves that you can use as the skeletons for your freestyle.

Learn these old school moves from here:

Or spice it up with some whacking/waacking based choreo:

You can jock Marc Miranda’s steeeeeze:

And remember that there are no rules or limits to your movements while learning from Markus:

Take these classes to learn technique, practice grooves, add yo flava, and freestyle forever!!!

4. How to choreograph and teach better through STEEZY Studio

“You don’t want to look like your heroes, you want to see like your heroes.”

– Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist

You don’t take classes or watch videos to bite choreo. Ever.

The goal is to witness the creative process through other choreographers’ eyes and adopt the tools you need to create YOUR OWN work.

Because you can’t ask questions during a STEEZY Studio class, the choreographers explain the crap out of their moves.

And a lot of the time, the best way to explain these movements is to talk about how they came up with it.

For example, they describe how a sound made them react in a certain way or how the lyrics in the song translated into a move.


The exposure to great choreographers’ processes will help you make better choreography.

In the same vein, teaching is a skill as well. You can become a better teacher by learning from great teachers.

ALL of the choreographers on STEEZY Studio have extensive experience choreographing and teaching for teams, classes, workshops, performances, and more.

They know how to create and communicate their work.

Studying their teaching styles will help you understand most effective ways to conduct your next class!

5. How to dance with more style with STEEZY Studio

We talked about how to be a clean executor.

But how do you execute with style? With flavor?

Since there’s no pressure or judgement in an online class that you take in private, you can practice playing a character, modifying moves, or just dancing like yourself.

LET YOURSELF PLAY with the choreography!

If anything, be messy. Who cares. Let your body move in ways that feel good to you.

You can discover your style in that interpretation of the piece. DON’T lose that!

There are so many ways to learn on STEEZY Studio.

While it’s not a real-life class and isn’t meant to replace that experience, there is so much you can do with it to enhance your dance training as a whole.

We can’t wait to watch you become better and better and better – whatever “better” means to you!

Sign up for STEEZY Studio to start becoming a better dancer today!