Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions

Los Angeles, CA

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Ian Eastwood is no stranger to the World Of Dance stage. He has been featured as a World of Dance Front Row dancers at many locations. The Young Lions was formed by Ian Eastwood’s parents, Peter and Julia Eastwood. They hired a collective of young, up and coming choreographers, and launched a clothing line as part of the brand.

The choreographers, including Nick DeMoura, Tucker Barkley, Laura Edwards, Eva Bernstine, Shaun Evaristo, David Moore, Jaffar Smith, Erica Sobel, Jillian Meyers, Keone & Mari, Lyle Beniga, Lando Wilkins, Jun Quemado, Bam Martin, Jawn Ha, Tony Tzar, Brian Puspos and many more, hosting workshops for dancers all across the US.


You can take dance lessons from a member of the Young Lions, Trevor Takemoto!
Click his photo below to start.

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