Dance crushes are weird. I mean, it’s one thing to go to a museum and think “Dang, Picasso was brilliant,” and watching (insert hot dancer doing sexy dance moves) like “Dang, I love the way their… body… moves…” *drool*

This could explain Why Are Dancers So Attracted To Other Dancers?

Just kidding, it’s not that weird. It’s just that dancing can be a very sexy sexy thing – especially when you’re doing some sexy dance moves.

If you wanna mesmerize your team crush or release your inner sex kitten, then bust out these sexy dance moves. They’ll have you (and whoever’s watching) feelin’ some type of way.

Sexy dance moves we all LOOOOVE to do

1. The “dolphin dive”

Sexy Dance MovesMake sure you warn ’em about the SPLASH ZONE at your next choreo day 😉

2. The “hip dip initiation”

sexy dance movesKnock-knock. Who’s there? Oh haha it’s my thigh.

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3. The “milking a cow in the air and also milking out this lunge”

sexy dance movesMy textures show resistance but I can’t resist you…

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sexy dance movesIt’s a little cold, let me just uh.. Warm myself up.

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5. The “I just shaved my legs”

sexy dance movesSO SMOOTH, FEEL!!! F E E L !!!!

6. The “hair hwip”

sexy dance movesWarning: stretch neck thoroughly before attempting. Paint not necessary.


sexy dance movesI’LL SPLIT YOUR BANANA

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8. The “Walk away then OK FINE I CHANGE MY MIND!!”

sexy dance movesYou gotta play hard to get sometimes…

9. The “WHO SLAPPED ME? Oh I slapped me”

sexy dance movesHA HA you’re so fu-knee!

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Include these sexy dance moves in your piece, freestyle, or when you’re just feelin’ yaself at the club.

1000% boost in confidence guaranteed. Werrrrrk.

Got any of your own sexy dance moves up your sleeve? Comment below and share with us!

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