For the past month and a half, the Steezy team has strived to provide a medium through which dancers can stay informed of all classes/events, as well as an honest space for dancers to relate to one another when it comes to being a dancer. We are extremely proud of our Steezy blog in particular, not only because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have gotten (to which we are extremely grateful for), but because many of you have expressed interest in contributing to Steezy as well. Nothing makes us happier than knowing you are receptive and willing to participate in the conversation we had wanted to generate within the dance community. Given that, we are so excited to announce our next endeavor: Steezy Nation!

You graciously offered, and we listened. Steezy Nation is our initiative to invite you all to be a part of our movement in connecting dance communities together, and the first step in our goal for Steezy Nation is to open up to blog for submissions!

We want you to be able to share your thoughts, because we know that our voices can be limited to our experiences. By opening the forum up to all of you, we can diversify the content we have to share to allow for more opinions to be heard and more knowledge to be shared. Dance tips, health tips, different styles, personal opinions, history, and anything else dance related are all welcome!


With that said, we’re calling out to all inspired dancers, creative writers, aspiring choreographers, and observant learners. If you would like to contribute to our Steezy blog, click here to submit your work.

We are so excited to read what you have to share! We hope to hear from you soon. #SteezyNation

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