Choreographers often spend hours on end perfecting a piece. Then there is the added factor of enlisting help from fellow dancer friends to help them bring their vision to life via dance videos, the hours spent blocking and practicing for the video, filming it…the list goes on. With all that effort put into these dance videos, the least we could do is share that art with the dance community. After all, sharing is caring, right?

Well we’re here to share the best the community has to offer with our “Dance Community Highlights” series! Here are our favorite 3 new dance videos of this past week. We also just happened to have interviewed some of them already!

David Lee & Dom Byrd – Shorty Wanna Ride by Young Buck

We love seeing choreographers collaborate, and the chillness and swag of David Lee and Dom Byrd combined is ridiculous. I was content with just seeing the class footage, but they said “NAH WE DOIN IT ON A ROOF” and got some more beastly friends in on it.

Christian Galvez & Shimmy -Push It by Salt-N-Pepa

Another collab from Shimmy and Christian Galvez! We love the simple, fun concept behind it and how it was shot/edited. If only this happened in real life all the time.

Pat Cruz – Sweet Lady by Tyrese

Pat. Cruz. Nuff said. Showing what actually goes on in a dancer’s mind when they see someone cute.

Want to share your videos with the community? Know of any one else’s videos that need to be seen? Send them over to [email protected] and we might just feature them!

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