If someone were to ask you “what’s it like to be a dancer?” you probably wouldn’t know where to begin..

It’s like a “you wouldn’t get it unless you’re¬†in it” type of thing.

But the Mean Girls know what’s up!

Their memes about the #dancerlyfe will have you saying, ‚ÄúI know, right?!‚ÄĚ

We come up with our own lingo

like Boom! Squa-naNA, Zeegaz√ľm KA, and weirdly enough, everyone gets it


When a popular dancer or team wears something,

everyone wants to copy it. No matter how ridic it actually looks.


The most nerve-wracking feeling:

after trying your best in something and wondering what the directors or choreographers are thinking


When the team is responsible for finding their own costumes

but the color scheme is super specific and no one quite understands what shades of olive or salmon are acceptable


But once you get your costume together, it’s time to bling it on

because they said “accessories are fine, as long as it’s not gonna distract you from dancing”


And no matter how much freedom the directors gave you initially

they end up getting super nit-picky with costumes


So when your teammates start to panic a few days before

your Facebook group becomes flooded with suggestions of where to buy things


But it all ends up coming together on show day

even if you literally got your pants at Target on the way to the venue


After a competition, you keep your wristband on for the next week

even if it’s soggy and gross from multiple showers, because #withdrawals


You’ve practiced your “facials”

especially if you’re getting¬†a lot of front-stage time


So you whip ’em out when you see the action shot photographer

thinking “Aw yeah, new profile pic”


But all of your pictures come out unflattering because of the double chin angle or half-blink

or girls ‚Äď your hair just covers your entire face/body/existence

And eating healthy during hell weeks is damn near impossible

because when nothing else is open late, someone will suggest…


You’ve accepted your membership into #teamnosleep

and everything is funny to you at 4-6 am even though you have class or work in 2 hours


We rarey bother to dress cute

why start the day with¬†regular clothes if you’re just gonna end up in dance clothes anyway?


But if it’s “Spirit Week”¬†during hell week

you have to dress according to a theme each night. Great. 7 more mini costumes to worry about.


You’ll be able to pinpoint¬†the director of a team during tech time

it’s the person that’s standing there as everyone else scurries around


Dancers love to Snap and Insta all the cool fun dance stuff we do

Evoking mad F.O.M.O. in the dancers that weren’t there


I mean, your life is pretty much a balance between FOMO about dance stuff,

and FOMO about the rest of your life
because you’re always dancing.
(*replace “sick” with “I have rehearsal..”)


The median age for dancers seems to be getting younger and younger

and older dancers slightly envy their access to videos and training


When your friend is teaching a class and you help them out

by posting their flyer, or assisting, or even just playing their music for them


And girls who only met once magically develop a BFFship through social media

selfie? Heart eyes emoji x 1000000


We¬†use really violent phrases to describe “doing well” in a piece

like “KILLED IT!” or “MURDER/MURK IT!” or “SLAY!!!”


When two dancers “collab” or collaborate on making a piece together,

we try to mush their names together. Or is that just me? Idk, but it’s fun.


Sometimes it’s really hard to hear a sound that a choreographer is dancing to.

So when you finally do hear it, you’re super proud
Especially if the rest of the class is still struggling.


Sometimes we get weird YouTube comments

from people who really don’t know what they’re talking about. So..


Cuz the people who leave hate comments

are 99.9999999% guaranteed to be irrelevant anyways


When we go out with our team or other dancer friends

we’re always the loudest, most obnoxious group trying to dance up on everyone else


Whenever someone has an opinion in the dance community

time to write out an essay-status Facebook


And then someone inevitably responds with a comment

that more or less tells them to calm down because dance is fun


“Hairography” is when we¬†thrash our¬†head around a lot

So our hair makes our moves look super full-out and dramatic


Dancers can get kinda defensive about dumb new dance trends

but¬†use them in pieces ‚Ästin an ironic way, so it’s cool!


When dance competitions end, there’s always a Lion-King-like stampede of performers and attendees outside

hugging, taking pics, and trying to figure out where to eat. But we all secretly wanna go home cuz call time was at 6 am dammit.


When dancers have a team banquet at the end of the year,

prepare for water-werks. Even from the ones you’d least expect to be crybabies.


Trying to figure out the number of dancers that own Adidas Superstars

and you realize

Like attracts like, so a lot of us date other dancers

until you find out¬†they dated 8 of your other dancer friends so you’re like NAH


We’re¬†all about energy

so when someone’s bringing negative vibes to a rehearsal, class, or event, we’re just like

When people brag about being humble..

You are. You are so humble. Please post about it some more.


When teams place at competitions and it’s awesome,

but they really just want to share the love ūüôā


So. Who else is itching to re-watch Mean Girls now?? 

If you do, watch out for more moments that remind you of the dancer life ūüėČ


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