Welcome! We’re here to teach you how to use STEEZY Studio,¬†an online dance studio created for dancers, by dancers.

Whether you’re too busy to get to a physical dance studio, want to supplement your training with at-home lessons, or want to try out¬†a new style, STEEZY Studio¬†is¬†a great way to meet any and all of these needs.

Keep reading to learn how to use STEEZY Studio, and get ideas on how to design the best learning experience for you.

How To Use STEEZY Studio

Creating a free STEEZY Studio account

how to use steezy studio

When you visit steezy.co, you’ll be able to take a peek at what it’s like to use STEEZY Studio.

Click the “Try Free for 7 Days” button to actually¬†try it out¬†‚Äď without paying a dime!

Creating a free account will give you access to all the STEEZY Studio classes.

You’ll only get charged if you choose to keep your monthly subscription plan.

how to use steezy studio

Payment for STEEZY Studio

If you choose to subscribe, you are on an auto-renewal system each month. Think of it as Netflix for dance classes!

You can’t purchase classes individually, but you can cancel your subscription anytime, or choose not to continue after your free week.

how to use steezy studio

Navigating the STEEZY Studio dashboard

Once you sign up for your free trial, you’ll have access to an All-You-Can-Take buffet of dance classes.

how to use steezy studio

There are currently over 100 different dance classes you can take on STEEZY Studio ‚Äď that’s a lot!

Use these filters on the side help you sort through all the different classes.

You can watch the videos of the pieces to see which ones you want to learn before you dive into the class.

how to use steezy studio

You can save classes to take later ‚Äď and your dashboard will keep track of all the ones you saved, are taking, or have completed.

how to use steezy studioTaking a STEEZY Studio class

Taking a STEEZY Studio class is easy and intuitive, and not so different from an class you’d take in real life.

You will first meet the choreographer via a short video message from them (like any other irl class), and start learning! (Like any other irl class.)

Choreographers usually teach in sections, so we divided our lessons accordingly.

how to use steezy studio

You will be learning the moves of a few 8-counts, and piecing them together in slow, medium, and tempo speeds.

Buttons to utilize

how to use steezy studio

“15 second rewind” & 15 “second fast-forward”

Missed something? Need to catch a detail? Was the class moving too fast?

No worries, just hit the 15-second rewind button, and it’ll zoom you back to where you need to be.

And if you wanna skip ahead, the fast-forward button comes in handy.

“Switch to front/back view”

The classes are shot from the front and the back, so that you can choose whichever view works best for you.

A lot of students like to learn from the back-view, since it’s more representative of a physical in-person class.

You can toggle to the front view to see details like what to do with your arms, face, etc.

Pro tip: Hitting the spacebar is a quicker way to switch your views!


Record and share

All STEEZY Studio members are a part of a secret (shhh~) Facebook group where we share our pieces, ask for advice, talk about our communities, and just get to know each other!

We also use the group to update each other on our progress. Record a video of yourself doing the piece you learned and share it!

Other members and choreographers will give you helpful feedback on your performance.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.58.22 AM

It’s sort of like going up at¬†the end of a class to perform in groups.

Getting in front of a camera or having people critique you may feel scary, but it definitely helps you grow as a dancer.

Get support and feedback

The STEEZY Squad is here if you have any questions, suggestions, or even requests for certain choreographers or styles!

You can use the built-in messaging app 24/7, and we respond to every single one.

We also use it to keep you updated on the newest classes you can take.

how to use steezy studio

Want to try it out? Sign up for a free account With STEEZY Studio!

We’re so excited to have you be a part of¬†STEEZY Studio. Can’t wait to grow with ya~


This post was originally published on March 30, 2016.